Thursday, February 10, 2011

Days after Xmas :D

So after long over due thinking and pondering several of my friends from the Blue Ridge Trout Bums talked me into splurging on a new reel/rod combo that I so necessarily needed. I’ve been fly fishing with what would feel like a brick that has line attached to it. I would go on day long outings to the Nan or the Toccoa and would find myself rubbing my joints down with icy-hot the more I casted. So I went to my pals and started investigating what would become my after-market after intro priced reel, if ya know what I mean.

So after some debate and some research I settle my eyes on a combo that Redington was selling: Redington Crosswater 2011 setup.

My new rod/reel!!!

When I was ordering it, I had the issue many of married men have before making purchases over $100… what will the wife say?… I sat at my PC for an hour with the cursor on the buy now option debating left and right to get it. Then a wise friend over at forum board, told me the famous :

It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.

So that lead up today when I got home to find my new Master trout catching thingy a bobber siting on the porch waiting for me to open it like a kid at Xmas. Long story short, the thing is nice ( for me anyways). It’s not a $1000 setup by any means, but it’ll catch trout just like any other setup out there, and I saved $850 to boot. I’m excited about getting it out on the water soon and trying to land it’s first fish. Question is:

Do I need to break a bottle of champagne over it for the maiden voyage or anything? It’s probably the nicest pole I’ve owned in 28 years. Seriously..

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