Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello world!<—— sort of ;)

SO this is what my little piece of the blogger sphere looks like.. White.. blank… empty.. Feels just like home. So you may be wondering who am I, what it is I do, and why I claimed my little piece of property. Well it’s some what simple believe it or not.
So who am I? My name is Dallas. I’m a 28 year old IT geek that lives in the suburbs outside of Atlanta. I have many enjoyments in life but out of all of them fishing ranks #1. Fishing for me was like learning how to tie your shoes or make your bed. I had to learn to do it, because my dad enjoyed it. This was one of those fatherly hand me down things that only fathers would ever understand I guess ( I’m not a father yet).

Starting at a ripe ole age of five years old my father bought me a rod and reel that I won’t ever forget anytime soon. It was a Shamu reel.. Now you’re possibly trying to draw a picture in your head and wondering: WOW a Shamu reel?!?!? That thing must have been expensive, I’ve never heard the brand but it sounds Japaneses so it’s gotta cost a lot of cash… Well let me let you down softly:
It was a black pole with a reel that looked like Shamu the whale. I tried finding a picture but this rod is so funny no one would post such a picture.
Anyhow I grew up fishing the banks of every lake in the great state of Georgia. I was there when Carters Dam was a fishing phenom, where you would catch buckets upon buckets of catfish or bass.

I recall one day watching a two guys carry a monster catfish out of there that was every bit of 4-5 feet long. I remember dad looking at me and saying:  Son.. get your pole.. We gotta catch one of those.
As for what I do, again I’m a computer geek. I basically came out of the womb with a laptop and a Apple Iphone. I started learning everything I could at an early age and honestly prospered into valuable jobs later on in life. My mother always tells me that she’s glad out of all the things in the world that I ever listened to, that she was thankful I didn’t listen when they would scream for me to get off my computer. I laugh all the time when she tells me that.

But to answer the question I work in the Point of Sale industry for a leading company in the industry. I’m a Data Analyst by day and a super hero by night. I use my knowledge for good, unlike certain diseased companies that feed on people lacking skills in the technical world we live in. You should know the ones I’m talking about, one of them is stationed in every Best Buy through out the United States.

So now why did I create this blog? I did it to have a place to post my thoughts and experiences. I try to fish a lot, but I also do tons of things such as spelunking, amateur rocketry, hunting, off-roading and if you got a few hours I can keep listing the things I do and have done in my short 28 year life.

My plan for this is to give my family and friends and others who care to read a way into my life for them to read and share. Most people find me funny, others find me funny but serious while some will say I may be boring. I think of myself as a honest guy with a lot to say. So feel free to stop by anytime, take a peek, find out what I’ve been up to. Drop me a line just to tell me to shut up if you like.

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