Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frogg Togg Breathable Waders with Stocking Feet!! (Review)


GUYS I’ve found the greatest waders for the big guy or gal!! As I did some searching I came across a company called:

Frogg Togg Waders and Apparel

I was very skeptical when it came to ordering this online due to the fact many of us larger people buy something, get it dropped at the front door to only get it in the house, opened and tried on to find out: IT DOESN’T FIT!!!!
Trust me it has happened a lot to me over the years and the most hurtful thing in the world to have to do is call customer service and tell them that the item didn’t fit, and when you order an item XXXL, trust me the person on the other side of the line knows why it didn’t fit. So XXXX’s doesn’t matter anymore to me when I’m purchasing anything online that involves clothing or gear for outdoors. The numbers that follow that set of X’s is what sets my gears in motion to purchase such piece of clothing.

So after days and days of searching, I finally came across Frogg Toggs. Really nice website, full flash, navigation and as a company they seem to have a lot to offer EVERYONE!!! As I’m combing through their online shop I come across a wader called the Hell-bender. Now You must be thinking, what kind of name is that fir a wader?. I can only assume its named after the Huge giant salamander:

So after locating these waders on their online store I had to do more research before taking the dive into something like waders online. Did some review hunts, did some forum checks and most of the posts I found had nothing but great things to say about this company. So I was set on these nice looking fat guy waders. Went back to the site attempted to pick my size and added them to my cart to find out they were out of stock!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I need these. After a fast search result find, had these on their store from FOR $99.99!!!!!! That’s $40 cheaper than Frogg Toggs for their smallest size, I can only assume the larger you went the more expensive they got. So lets fast forward.

So today I receive the waders and man I’m glad I took a dive for these. Amazing big guy fit, plenty of room in the knees and butt area. Nice features such as built in gravel guards and chest pocket, nicely placed suspenders and of course stocking feet. After trying them on, I realized I had successfully bought a nice size wader online and got the size correct!! So if you’re in the market for some waders, and you can be of any size really but specifically large guys such as my self, give these a looker. You won’t be disappointed I’m sure, because I’m not.

Feel free to shoot on over to Amazon and take a look at what they're offering in sizes and styles. Again these have to be some of the best waders I've used and obviously much more affordable!!

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