Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pentax Optio W90 Outdoor Camera (REVIEW)

So a few weeks ago my wife and I decided to jump into the after market of nice elaborate cameras. But with my opinion weighing on her choice, I had several things on my mind that would determine if we should purchase:

1. Well built

2. Water proof

3. Basically nuclear explosion proof

So we set off on a journey that most outdoors people do ever so often. We were hunting that perfect camera that could withstand my wife using it.. no really. See she has owned hundreds of cameras ranging from point and shoots to elaborate high-end Nikons. She has pretty much destroyed them all in one fashion or another. We do a lot of outdoors activities all year round so weather proof is a huge issue with us. I fish, kayak, spelunking, hiking, hunting all year round. So now you get the idea I hope.

So one of the biggest features any fisherman in a camera is its ability to repeal water. I’ve seen camera manufactures claim this on more than one occasion, so this time it was going to have to be the real thing. After days of research and surfing the world wide web, we came across the:

Pentax Optio W90

• As PENTAX’s 11th generation waterproof digital camera, this rugged, adventure-proof camera is ideal for any environment.
• Waterproof to 20 feet for reliable underwater photography.
• Shockproof to 4 feet to withstand the rigors of extreme use.
• Cold proof to sub-freezing temperatures for use in chilly wintery, snowy activities.
• Dust proof for use in dry, sandy climates.
• 12.1 megapixel sensor and wide angle 5X optical zoom (28-140mm equivalent) ensure detailed images of any subject near or far.
• Large 2.7 inch LCD, with 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio, is easy to view even in strong light or underwater.
• Digital Microscope mode with LED lens lighting perfectly captures even the smallest and closest macro subjects as near as 1cm from the camera.
• An HDMI port plays back beautiful high resolution images and video on HDTV’s.
• Capture movies in widescreen 720p HD video at 30 frames per second.
• Advanced Pixel Track Shake Reduction captures blur-free images in any lighting.
• Take perfect portraits with fast Face Detection, Smile Capture, Blink Detection, and processing modes specifically designed for portraiture.
• Capture images remotely with infrared remote control capabilities.
• An autofocus assist lamp helps to quickly and accurately focus, even in challenging lighting.

Now after you looked through the specifics of this lovely chick magnet camera, you probably said to yourself, they’re the same specs that most cameras in this market have. But I’m telling you guys its the real deal. This camera has seen the snow, ice cold cave water, dropped and honestly with in the next few months every other catastrophe that a camera would normally be destroyed. I personally recommend this camera for those who love shooting photos and videos out in the wild, possibly standing in a river, waist high in cold water. Do a little shopping around, you can usually find this camera under the $200 range. Good luck out there, and stay safe!!

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