Thursday, February 10, 2011

Packin up and moving to beverly hills

SO I decided in the best interest of my blog, to move it to There's no special special reason if you're curious as to why I moved it , I just found that they seemed to offer a more streamlined method of doing this compared to Wordpress. I like some of the neater features available and to have my blog set up so the Google "spider" grabs it and displays it in search results was another reason.

So if you've enjoyed my posts in the past feel free to subscribe to the left of here. I promise some great things are coming up with tons of footage of my pals and I having fun out on the water and maybe JUST MAYBE you will get a glimpse of the "owl". But you won't have your chance unless you subscribe. Come back ya hear!

See ya at the creek

Tippin Taco

1 comment:

  1. didn't lose me! Ha. I like the cool fly backdrop... :)